This piggy went to market(ing)


This piggy went to market(ing)

As both of my regular readers know, I promised today to unveil my promotional postcard for Deadtown Abbey today, and here it is! I have included on this sample postcard an indication of where the stamp, postmark, bar code (from the P.O.) and address would go.

The front is essentially my final book cover design, and the back is the jacket copy from the book. I added a cool banner reminding peeps to go to the website and read the first chapter. I will have ordering info and more book information on the site by the time I send these out. Any thoughts? All gushing and noncritical opinions are welcome. 🙂

Deadtown Abbey cover concept


Deadtown Abbey cover concept 09-10-2013


The first fiction book that I’ll have coming out before The Act or Reviva Las Vegas will be my “undead homage,” Deadtown Abbey. As described in an earlier post, of course this is a fun parody of the wonderful Beebs show Downton Abbey. This book, plus a nonfiction collection of my zombie lectures, will be debuted at the Walker Stalker Con in Atlanta in November. This image uses copyrighted photos, so it’s just to show the concept. I’d love to hear what you think!