We came, we shambled, we talked George Romero.

This is a video of the very fun panel discussion on George Romero’s zombie legacy. The guy with the Band-Aid® on his nose is the bass player for Anthrax and also quite the horror movie fanatic (who woulda thunk it?). I recommend skipping to the parts where I am talking, which increase the more time has gone by BECAUSE I MUST RESCUE THE AWESOME. I hope you enjoy!

I hope to go back for the Fan Xperience in Spring 2015 and then the Comic Con again in September 2015! w00t!


It’s time for the zombie community to horde up

Whether you identify more with revenants or with the people who like to shoot them in the head, there are times when the entire zombie community should come together to make something awesome happen. But down that leg bone, zoms; and lower your weapon, zom killers: There is a new zombie convention coming, and it needs your help.

From November 1-3 the Walker Stalker Con is coming to Atlanta — yes, home of The Walking Dead and just a hop, skip, and a shamble from Birmingham and Tuscaloosa and the University of Alabama. This con is brand-new and is put on by my kind of people, zombie enthusiasts, not some corporate entity trying to sell video games.

While that is great and amazing, it also means that the Walker Stalker folks don’t have a ton of dough. They do, however, have a Kickstarter page, and their project (the Con) is just about funded, with just $1700 left to go out of their $15000 goal, and there’s just 34 hours or so left to donate.

Sure, Hoade, that sounds great, but what’s in it for me? Let me tell you, friend — not only do James and Eric, the Walker Stalker podcast guys who are putting on this event, have fine incentives at different levels of support, but they also have a real deal-maker: They have told me that should they reach their fund-raising goal, they will bring your favorite zombie expert (and that had better be me, people) out to give talks at the Con. It’ll be like the Zombie Class at UA all over again, only this time there is SO much more to talk about: the World War Z movie, Warm Bodies, The Walking Dead, and advances in zombie-related research in different scientific areas!

And not only that — if Walker Stalker flies me out to speak, I am donating my speaking fee back to the Con. I’ll do it for free. That’s how much I believe in this event and its organizers. I am just beyond excited for Atlanta to have the zombie get-together it deserves.

DID I MENTION JUDITH O’DEA IS GOING TO BE THERE? IF NOT: JUDITH O’DEA IS GOING TO BE THERE! As my zombie class students know, she was Barbara from the original Night of the Living Dead. That’s “Barbara” as in “They’re coming to get you, Barbara.” So that’s another reason to be psyched about this particular Con.

And finally, here’s a final reason you should kick in a few bucks to Walker Stalker Con: James and Eric have said that even if they don’t make the fund-raising goal, the Con will go on anyway. This isn’t a stickup or a passive-aggressive holding your zombie convention for ransom. They just want to make it even more awesome. Tell me that right there isn’t a great cause to support this Kickstarter project. I’m donating my $600 fee. If you donate even $5, you will be my special friend at the Con and even in real life, and you know what that means! (I’m not going to say. I’m just going to let you think about it.)

Won’t you visit their website and also have a look at their Kickstarter page? We have the brains to pull this off! (See? Now both zom and zom hunters can feel complimented.)