A sugar-coated turd is still a turd.

dec-2012-golden-poopThe below article, which was published in The Independent Publishing Magazine recently, is an innocent-looking, apparently informative and helpful piece BUT HERE BE TYGERS. I read it with growing concern until my fears were found to be on track: This John Hunt Publishing reveals right at the end that it charges an average of US$1,600 for any books they decide won’t sell well enough to pass some unspecified floor of sales.

John Hunt hisself says that “self-publishing” isn’t a real thing because authors must somehow reimburse their publishing houses for printing, marketing, &c. To which I say: DUH. OF COURSE THEY DO. But legitimate companies in the self-publishing biz make their money back — and then make profit — from BOOKS BEING SOLD. John Hunt Publishing wants it both ways, and that is a definite ripoff of independent authors.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: NEVER pay for publication of your book. There are add-ons every self-pub house offers such as help with cover design, typesetting, and other skill-requiring aspects of book production. A modest fee for those makes sense, since in a traditional house this would be deducted from the allover advance-and-royalties offer made on the book in the first place.

But never, NEVER pay a nickel for a publisher to take on your book. That way lies madness, bitterness, and great regret. There is a plethora of self-pub houses who WANT to get your book and make money on it through it being sold to readers — go with them. For realsies.

So read the article below so you can have disdain for it and know what NOT to do.

Alternative Publishing and Self-Publishing | John Hunt.

harumph anew at them.