What fresh literary hell have I for you?

We’re heading into the busy Con season for Yours Truly. The huge Con season is actually during the summer, but I was off in the wilds of Oregon (well, a small town) getting the big mofo novel for hire written and also enjoying highs of 78 while Las Vegas was, apparently, on fire at 116 degrees in the shade.

skull shade copy

Pictured: Vegas shade.

I went to the Tampa Bay Comic Con with Brutha of Anutha Mutha Sean Conner, an excellent Con pal who understands my need for frequent naps. He also understands that I bring earplugs for him to make it through the night of my toilet-flush-gurgle-from-hell snoring. His snoring is more jackhammer-like, even and so something one is able to get used to. Mine, on the other hand, “isn’t even rhythmic! You can’t get used to it!” These are his actual words from a Con in New Orleans. My wife has not stopped laughing since I told her.


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New Tesla & Darwin cover concept art, but made awesome(r)

darwin and tesla

I posted the initial concept I had for the cover of Tesla & Darwin vs. Megalodon the other day and also sent it to my brilliant cover artist, Putnam Finch. He made it AMAZING and more amazing still is that he’s going to use this juiced-up version that he made for the model to be lettered by hand. Yeah. Think about it.


Tesla & Darwin fancier cover concept

So psyched! Writing happening NOW!

First concept art for cover of Tesla and Darwin vs. Megalodons!

This will be actually rendered into amazing cover art by the incredible talents of one Baron Putnam von Finch, but first I had to show him what I was thinking about for the visual on the front cover. (The back cover is another story, equally fascinating, but I find it’s good to parse these things out lest ladies get the vapors and men start challenging one another for supremacy using Queensbury Rules fisticuffs.) Take a gander:

Tesla-Darwin proof of concept

There will be color, &c., but this old-time circus sideshow poster is what I wanted. What do you think? I mean, other than YOU LOVE IT. This will be the next book of mine out from Severed Press, to be following by Book 2 of the Cthulhu Attacks! trilogy.


Cthulhu Attacks! gets a bloody thumbs-up from The Horror Fiction Review!

The unimpeachable taste of Christine Morgan strikes once again with her Horror Fiction Review take on Cthulhu Attacks! (I just want to say that the typos she mentions were definitely in the Advance Reading Copy she had, but are fixed now in the finished book.) Have a look and then buy a copy, or maybe two—the holidays are fast approaching!

CTHULHU ATTACKS! by Sean Hoade (2015 Severed Press / 220 pp / trade paperback & eBook)

Dear Hollywood: THIS is the Lovecraftian movie you need to make, the surefire big-budget blockbuster special effects extravaganza. This book, right here. It’s perfect. Gets around the various issues of directly adapting one of ol’ H.P.’s works, while acknowledging them in glorious triumphant homage. Plus, geek-cred galore.

And seriously, the scene describing Cthulhu’s emergence … best I’ve ever read. So beautifully done. Short, sweet, simple, evocative, and haunting.

A lot of giant monster or cosmic horror fiction struggles to express the sheer sheer size and scale and scope. Sean Hoade nails it, not only nails it but takes it several steps beyond. Reading this book is to shiver from an overwhelming sense of immensity, of alienness, of strange inhumanity so far outside our comprehension as to bend the mind. I think Lovecraft himself would be impressed with just how well that’s all conveyed.

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A sneak preview of Cthulhu Attacks! More to come soon, too …

My sweets, as we gear up for the publication of Cthulhu Attacks! Book One: The Fear, I will have some teases to keep you entertained and wanting more of this most eldritch tome.

Below, behold the section/chapter names, each of them more suspenseful and horrying than the last. There are six main sections in addition to a prologue and an epilogue. Take a look!

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