For just 1/5 the price of a cup of Starbucks coffee per day, you can get BOOOOKS for a year!

My supporters on Patreon will very soon be receiving their copies of the first installment of Cal Longwood, Porn Star Detective: “11 Inches From Heaven.” This is a serial novel that will continue for as long as people like it, and every chapter is included for just one month’s pledge, no matter how long the series goes on!

IMG_0484I believe this is what the porn industry refers to as a “facial.”

So far my supporters, who make 12 monthly pledges of $10 (for just ebooks) or $25+ (ebooks and signed hard copies) get 12 books, 1 per month, with 5 of them already shipped or (now that Cal Longwood) shipping:

  1. Ain’t That America
  2. Darwin’s Dreams
  3. Inappropriate Behavior
  4. Deadtown Abbey
  5. Reviva Las Vegas!
  6. and now the first chapter of Cal Longwood, Porn Star Detective!

We’re just $10 away from the support level where every supporter gets an exclusive poster signed by the artist and myself! This Patreon campaign is like your own personal Book of the Month Club, with every month bringing you a book you know you will love, inscribed to you by the author and with extra helpings of gratitude and happiness!

Have a look at the video below, and maybe pledge at my Patreon page? Thank you!


The cover for my serial novel is COCKALICIOUS!

For those of you involved in my Patreon campaign ( know that the next book coming to you is my serialized novel, Cal Longwood: Porn Star Detective. The first chapter is titled “Eleven Inches From Heaven,” and is essentially the “origin story” for my massively endowed noir sleuth.

Although I have had 5 books out now, I did the cover design for all of them myself. I had a wonderful artist draw the cover for my short-story collection Inappropriate Behavior according to my specifications, but other than that, it’s been all me and Photoshop.

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