Okay, you’re a millionaire. But what kind?

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Many people, when they hear that someone is a millionaire, envision mansions, Bentleys and Ferraris, tailored clothing, perhaps a private jet. Whatever their exact level of wealth, they definitely have money at hand to do pretty much whatever they want, whenever they want.

But this image of millionaires isn’t always accurate—it’s just one dish on a pretty tasty smorgasbord.

To be sure, multi-millionaires (people with $2 million qualify, but this is generally reserved for the famous “1%” worth $10 million or more) may have the Cristal flowing from bottles brought by liveried servers while lying beside their custom swimming pools. Or they may have palatial estates which they never have to leave thanks to their private movie theater, exercise facility, bowling alley, and on and on. This kind of millionaire is not what I’m talking about, the fantastically rich who don’t need to waste their time working.

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Instead taking that time to launch cars into space.

“Paper millionaires”

We know these folks simply as “millionaires,” since they have a net worth of over $1 million—technically, at least. However, it’s important for those Attractives who might like to develop a relationship with such a Generous should be aware that he is a “paper millionaire.” This means that most, if not all, of his apparently huge net worth may be tied up almost entirely in property, long-term investments, and other financial assets that are not what economists call “liquid.”

And liquidity, Dear Reader, is what makes a Generous able to be a Generous with you.

For example, if a gentleman professes a net worth of $1.5 million, that sounds great, doesn’t it? But he may have liabilities (insurance payments on all his property, lawyer and accountant costs, college tuition for children, car payments, and other debts) that bring his net worth down to “just” $1 million. He’s still a millionaire, right? So someone to get excited about, right?

Not so fast. This hypothetical millionaire owns a small apartment worth, say, $500,000. It’s his property and so it counts toward his net worth, but in real terms it means he has “only” another $500K in the bank. He owns his nice but not spectacular house outright, and it’s worth $350,000. It’s lovely, but its value is hardly liquid. And it’s that liquid money that he can spend on you. His liquidity is no more than $150,000.

shutterstock_216862450Every dollar he saves on indoor plumbing is one more dollar he can spend on you.

Liquidity morbidity?

But let’s keep going. He loves to spend his weekends—the time he doesn’t need to go into the office or work from home—on the lake, so he owns a lovely catamaran worth $125,000, plus a few thousand per year on upkeep. This takes his liquidity down to $20,000, still a lot … at least, if you don’t count the alimony payments. Or the taxes for his various endeavors. Or this. Or that. It’s liquidity death by a thousand cuts.

Of course he still has his probably high-paying job, so there’s money coming in from that for his day-to-day expenses and activities, and this is where taking care of his Attractive new friend comes in. He has very little liquidity, but some of what he has he will spend on you.

This financial fact will probably mean no trips to Europe or stays at 5-diamond hotels, but it certainly could mean nice meals in town and the occasional high-end gift. Don’t knock it! Attention from a successful man is always going to be better and luxurious than the same amount of attention from someone without $1 million in assets.

The Other Kind of Millionaire

Enough with the paper millionaires. What about the ones who, y’know, have a lot of liquid cash?

Q12WARNING: Liquid cash is not literally a liquid.

These Generous new friends could have $1 million or they could have $80 million. What’s important is that they have access to a lot of cash–in other words, liquid money. (Most big multi-millionaires have both big assets and big liquidity, so here I’ll consider a man with exactly $1 million, some of that in the bank.)

Let’s say this kind of millionaire has a very modest house worth maybe $150,000. He doesn’t need a big house because he jets around the world a lot (with an Attractive companion, let’s assume) and should he and his companion spend the night together, it’s at a very posh hotel where they are treated to all the amenities. (After all, he’s a regular guest there and they know he likes to tip big.)

His wardrobe could be worth $20,000. His car, $80,000. He has never been married and has no children, so there’s no alimony or child support to pay. The taxes on his modest home are low, and his $100,000-per-year income is from annuities set up for him by his wisely investing grandparents collecting interest since he was born.

That means his net worth of exactly $1 million is made up of $750,000 in pure liquidity. That means he has three-quarters of a million dollars at his immediate disposal. And unless he spends more than $100,000 per year on a regular basis, that money in the bank will remain at that high level and even grow with interest. Spending “only” $100,000 (or a large chunk of it) on keeping his Attractive companion happy can mean exotic travel, luxury that boggles the mind, and the finest meals in the world.

Or maybe all three at the same time.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a “paper millionaire.” But when our female SeekingMillionaire members are, well, seeking a millionaire, this latter kind of rich man is what they’re probably envisioning. These Generous men are out there, and when I say “out there” I mean have joined our website, attended our parties that bring together our Generous and Attractive members in real life, or are just finding out about the benefits of SeekingMillionaire.

Room for everyone

A millionaire is a millionaire. But they’re not all equal. Depending on whether you primarily want security and comfort with a hard-driving alpha male (who could later become that other kind of millionaire due to his own efforts) or mostly desire crazy top-shelf experiences with a trust-fund pal who sees the world as his playground, either might be a well-suited Generous for your kind of Attractive.