I am not a handsome man, Jennay

Salt Lake Fanx has asked me for a headshot they can use to put me on banners and such. So I had to give them a picture in which there was no interfering background. After about 7 hours of Photoshop 7 (2002, REPRESENT), I got an adequate-ish result!


Yes, the hat has lumps from my monkey-like graphic design skills.

It looks a bit choppy, I know, but watch as I magic your ass off:




Ah, hell. The Salt Lake folks will make it perfect in post, anyway.

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2 thoughts on “I am not a handsome man, Jennay

  1. That, sir, has to be the best picture of you I’ve ever seen. (The top one, obviously.) You done good! So smart of you to lose the fez. You actually are pretty decent looking, after all! I believe this’ll sell books.

    • Why, thank you, my dear! Yes, I thought I was “branding” with the fez and the face badger, but all I was doing was looking like an imbecile. (Although when I’m pushing the Tesla books, I’ll wear the Tesla fez a bit.)

      Thanks for brightening my day before it was even dark!


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