CULTURE IN VEGAS! Preview Thursday! First Friday! 5:30 pm ’til THE MAN shuts us down!

Las Vegas is world-renowned for three things:

Notice than none of these are what one would call “cultural” in the sense of “artistically pleasing and not likely to end with herpes, homelessness, or harping from harridans.”

Yes, Caesar’s Palace has a mall with talking giant statues of Zeus or Apollo or somebody like that—it is notoriously hard to make out what the statues are actually saying, so maybe just concentrate on the fire and stuff.

antiquitieslvThey also have Antiquities LV, with some, y’know, sorta interesting items like, I dunno, maybe Abraham Goddamn Lincoln’s fucking autograph.

Antiquities LV makes you understand why some people become high-priced call girls or high-priced assassins or Nicholas Sparks: the money, OMG the precious throwaway money. The store also right now has for sale a personally signed note from Charles Darwin, a fucking signed handwritten poem by Edgar Allan Poe (at a very reasonable $38,995), and other artifacts of interest really only to weirdly obsessed people with no lives whatsoeverOMG LOOK WHAT I FOUND:

antiquitieslvbuddyholly-copyEven if I had the money, I shouldn’t get this. It would immediately become my Mirror of Erised.

Um, I’ve kind of forgotten my point here—oh, yes, Vegas has mostly stuff that other cities would call “kitschy nonsense” or “stores of treasures so far beyond your means that they exist only to make you cry.” But it’s not what you’d call “enlightening” or “artistic,” except tangentially (Buddy Holly’s autograph is great, but his music is why we care about possessing a little piece of his life in the first place. Also with whatever Lincoln and Darwin did, I don’t know—I haven’t heard their albums).

But there is culture in Las Vegas! Seriously!

To wit, there is a very popular and culturally rich shindig the first Friday of every month in the “18b” Arts District (that’s right, we have one) in which visual artists, gourmet-level food trucks, sculptors, musicians, people selling those weird glow bracelet things, and writers! strut their stuff, all for free, all for the joy of celebrating culture and the arts in Las Vegas.


And okay, sure, maybe sell enough to afford something nice to put on the wall.

This special first Friday of the month is called … well, “First Friday.” And it attracts thousands of Las Vegans and visitors to our fair city who have not yet succumbed to alcohol poisoning, destroyed their nest egg, or contracted sex-ebola just to come and see the art!

This is where the fantabulous Corner Gallery comes in (here’s a map—you really want to visit this awesome space). Their theme this month is Out of This World, with amazing paintings and 3D art featuring aliens, spaceships, or just mind-bending experiences in general. And they have invited Yours Truly to be their Featured Author for this First Friday!

Yes, I shall be a guest SO SPECIAL that the official promo video mispronounces my name. In their defense, there is no R anywhere in that name, anywhere.

Fumbled name or no, this is going to be a great show and I’m really honored to be asked to participate. There will be wine and cheese, people. And it’s not just First Friday, no, indeed! December 1 is “Preview Thursday,” where visitors can get even closer to the art and the artists (including your Faithful Correspondent) and talk about all things cultural and shit.

I’ll be doing a reading, too! It should be great fun and also please come and buy my books KTHXBAI

printers-devil“Could you make it out to Satan? He is going to get such a kick out of this!”

Tomorrow! Part 2: Your pal HordeHoade at the Great American Las Vegas Comic Con this weekend!

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