Comic Cons—how do you get invited? Watch this ‘Spilling Ink’ Interview!

As a nano-celebrity author (I prefer to think of myself as a “curated cultural oddity,” but whatevs), I get automatically invited to some Comic Cons, must simply ask to get in to others, and beg like a starving dog in order to get them to even look at my CV and website to consider letting me have a table in their Artists Alley.


“Phoenix Comic Con has carefully considered your application …”

So how did I, who sold books at his very first Con in November 2013 with Friend Hall of Fame Charter Member and Hilarious Futhermucker Sean Conner, now find myself jetting to exotic locations such as New Orleans, Portland, Tampa, San Francisco, and possibly soon even Cleveland?

Find out all my secrets in the video below from the fine writer and even finer friend Katie Salidas. If you’re a writer or want to be, you should subscribe to Spilling Ink anyway. It’s good stuff.

(N.B.: The first Con I ever attended—for a couple of hours, anyway—was actually a Star Trek convention in South Bend, Indiana, in 1997. I was covering it for the South Bend Tribune because Shatner was there. He may be an asshole in real life or whatever, but he is goddamn funny on stage. But my next Con wasn’t until 2013, where I first attended as an author selling books.)


I might have set my sales expectations a bit high.

So, since my computer at the time of this interview just a month ago or so was slower than an old lady writing a check in the supermarket checkout lane, I had to go to my iPhone, which was similarly old, at least for sleek futuristic technology. Therefore, just imagine you’re watching a fascinating old dubbed Japanese movie about a pretty woman interviewing an overly hirsute face.

Let’s recap, re: things that are new since this interview:

  1. Computer
  2. iPhone
  3. Facial hair (now I have a douchebaggy semi-beard, but the old one was reaaaaaally over)
  4. The increased power of my crush on Katie Salidas.

All right, kids, pay attention, and one day you may reach the ironic heights of my own fame!




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