Make NaNoWriMo your bitch this year

While we were perambulating in our local Target, the Spousal Unit pointed out how, as the holidays approach like a cloud of passive-aggressive killer bees, stores start promoting liquor at first more, then more, then OH MY GOD THOSE PEOPLE ARE COMING MAKE ME NUMB IMMEDIATELY. “It makes a great gift!” they say. Yes, but for WHOM?


“Correct use of the interrogative objective pronoun! Take a drink!”

I mention this because the high holidays truly are the rectal exam of any year: necessary, perhaps, but it’s hard to know how to present oneself. Should I tidy up a bit, or would it be better just to leave things as-is so the guest gets a better idea of what’s really going on? This is probably why booze is so popular for either occasion—it introduces a certain “FUCK IT” attitude. (Use with caution during rectal exams, obviously.)

Anyway, the holiday season—November, to be exact—is also the time for National Novel Writing Monthaka NaNoWriMoaka 50,000 words or bust, aka Wanna write? Then write! 

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Comic Cons—how do you get invited? Watch this ‘Spilling Ink’ Interview!

As a nano-celebrity author (I prefer to think of myself as a “curated cultural oddity,” but whatevs), I get automatically invited to some Comic Cons, must simply ask to get in to others, and beg like a starving dog in order to get them to even look at my CV and website to consider letting me have a table in their Artists Alley.


“Phoenix Comic Con has carefully considered your application …”

So how did I, who sold books at his very first Con in November 2013 with Friend Hall of Fame Charter Member and Hilarious Futhermucker Sean Conner, now find myself jetting to exotic locations such as New Orleans, Portland, Tampa, San Francisco, and possibly soon even Cleveland?

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