Neo, the secret is “There is no ‘Tampa Bay’.”

Hello, Hoadeketeers! I am currently in the city of Tampa Bay Tampa, home to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tampa Bay Rays, Tampa Bay Lightning, and — most importantly for us this weekend — The Tampa Bay Comic Con! Which, apparently are all held in the waters of the Tampa Bay, since there is no city called Tampa Bay.

Parking at the stadiums is a bitch.

Anyway, the Tampa Bay Comic Con is going to be a wonderful event. It starts today, and since I don’t have any duties until 6:00 tonight (I’m a speaker but not a vendor, although I can and hopefully will sell books after my talks and panels), I can actually walk around and look at stuff. When I’m selling at a table, I get quick bathroom furloughs and otherwise am focused as a muthafugga on selling my awesome wares.

I shall be posting — ssh, no need to thank me yet — from the Con all weekend, and will have some nice video for my fans those people who visit my webpage, perhaps due to typos when entering their intended URLs.


“Huh. This doesn’t seem like material related to George Romero’s 1988 film Monkey Shines …”

So let’s take a look at my speaking schedule, so if you are at #TampaBayComicCon (you can find my tweets through that hashtag and/or #HoadeWorld). Also on Twitter, take a good look at tweets from @MoranPress and, of course, @SeveredPress (although only MP will be tweeting about this Con).


6:00pm – 7:00pm | Rm. 22

Teaching “Defense Against the Dark Arts” in the Harry Potter universe was good magic vs. evil magic. This seminar will explore how Steampunk heroes can fight otherworldly antagonists with SCIENCE!

Relevant links to relevant books you will love:

Bad news and good news. Right this moment, bad news: only the first is available:

Nikola Tesla vs. The Daylight Vampires

The good news is that Nikola Tesla vs. The Slender Man (which, for copyright laws I just found out about two days ago will actually be called Nikola Tesla vs. The Public Domain Shadow Man) should be out by the end of August.

Also, the first Kickstarter-funded Tesla Trilogy novel, Mister Tesla & Mr Darwin Fight Edison’s Ravenous Megalodons Through the Judicious Use of Time Travel and Giant Robots, will be out in March 2017, the second in August 2017, and the last in November 2017 in concert with the BIG BOOK my KS supporters will be getting exclusively.


9:30pm – 10:30pm | Rm. 12

From Cthulhu to Yog-Sothoth, from Dagon to the Elder Race, H.P. Lovecraft write about creatures from immortal evil Egyptian priests to all-powerful alien gods. We’ll discuss his bestiary of nasty entities and why they’re so good at making us shiver.

Relevant books you should absolutely buy, with links below (these are all available after my talks and panel at the Con):

Cthulhu Attacks, Book 1: The Fear
Cthulhu Attacks, Book 2: The Faith (coming, finally, in October)
Absinthe in Arkham (Hoade’s Penny Dreadfuls)
Lovecraft Cackles (Hoade’s Penny Dreadfuls)


10:00am – 11:00am | Rm. 5

As opposed to my other talks, which are solo events, this is an awesome panel I was invited to be on. Every popular science fiction or fantasy writer of novels, comics, or any other medium started out as an “aspiring” author. A panel of pro SF and fantasy writers will discuss the art and science of writing and will give advice to move you from “aspiring writer” to “writer.” Q&A to follow.

Relevant books you want in your brain meats right now:

Space Explosions! Pew! Pew! Pew!
(Pulp-size version of War Thug. Available only at Cons.)

Space Explosions 2: Pew Pew Boogaloo
(Pulp-size version of War Thug 2. Available only at Cons.)

Spinosaurus: A Cryptid Adventure
(Written as “Hugo Navikov”)

War Thug
(Written as “Hugo Navikov”)

War Thug 2
(Written as “Hugo Navikov”)

Come enjoy the Tampa Bay Comic Con! If you do make it, drop me a Facebook message and let’s say hi! But whatever you do … um … buy my books. Heh!

Also visit and for all the goodies from myself and my fellow cool authors!

To be continued …



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