For that special stalker in your life …

This song is a pantload more disturbing today than I think they realized in 1952.

Well, somebody’s got just a week to live.

jason and michael



I take a writing break, you get a song.

I always thought that “Mr. Lee,” the classic by the Bobbettes, was written about the man who had better be your favorite classic horror actor, Christopher Lee! However, my friend Bunny informs me that it was written about their high school teacher, who was not Christopher Lee, much to his everlasting chagrin. (Also, it is almost impossible not to dance a little at this awesome ditty.)

Also, even though it now has nothing to do with song, here is a picture that, if you doesn’t make you smile, then you are probably the world’s first surviving heart donor.:

Christopher-Lee-Peter-Cushing-Sammy-Davis-Jr.-Awesome-People-Hanging-Out-Together-TumblrYou’re welcome.

Well, if it ain’t music day ’round here … (Part 1)

Hey! I haven’t been on here in a while, since I’ve been BUSTING ME ARSE to bring you new and exciting stories from the Sarlacc pit that I call a mind.

Still, you deserve a little something before I start up again regularly. And that is this compilation of clips from the GREATEST TRILOGY OF ALL TIME, the “Blood and Ice Cream aka Cornetto Trilogy” to the most excellent song “Happy Hour Again”” by the Housemartins! Enjoy.

See you soon!