My new headshot

Obviously, the key to being an admired and best-selling author is having the correct headshot. Words, ideas—WHATEVAR. But Cons and publishers and such want pics, so I combed my beard and put on my brand-new Tesla Coil fez, and the dear Spousal Unit took my picture. Behold this jerk, ye flighty, and disperse!

Headshot for Cons.jpg

My beard needs to be trimmed every 14 second or else this happens.

Compliments welcome! For any critical comments, please use the subject line “>>>ME BLING Y*U pLEN+y g00d mORTAGE <<<“. That should direct it to the proper folder.

Onward! More Kickstarter updates to come!

NEW REWARDS! Also, any sadists looking for fun out there?

All, right, dear peeps o’ mine, there’s 4½ days left of the Tesla Trilogy Kickstarter, a project which, when complete, will grace the world with three exciting and Steampunk-y (but not too Steampunk-y) novels featuring Nikola Tesla, who tries to not only bring us all wireless energy but also works to save the world in:

  • Tesla and Darwin vs. Time Travel Edison’s Megalodons
  • Tesla and Edison Reluctantly Unite to Fight the Order of the Mystic Eye
  • Telsa and Nellie Bly vs. Mirror Tesla and His Arc-Light of Death

You know all this.

I post and blog about it roughly every 15 minutes. You probably also know the great bookish rewards for every level from $10 to $500 (but which are included at the bottom just in case).

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