$100 Tesla Kickstarter pledge nets you $300 in rewards

As of this writing, my Tesla Trilogy Kickstarter is at $2,260 (of the $5,000 goal) with 9 days left. I think that perhaps those wonderful people on the fence about taking part don’t realize the return they shall get on their $100 investment. (Pledges above that get even more, including multiple copies of the big and fancy edition!) Check out this video outlining the project (be sure to turn your sound on!):

For your Kickstarter pledge of $100, you get the following dollar amount of wonderful rewards. Altogether, it’s THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS worth of Tesla Trilogy goodies!

  • $54: All three books @ $15 each plus $3 shipping
  • $15: All three ebooks @ $4.99 each
  • $45: All three Audible audiobooks @ 14.95 each
  • $86 to much more: The faux-leatherbound, gold-stamped hardcover omnibus edition containing all three books. The press run will be limited to 100 numbered and signed copies. Any that are not snapped up by Kickstarter supporters will be sold at Cons for $75, then someday resold for epic amounts of money. ($11 for shipping is included in your Kickstarter contribution!)
  • $100: One hour of professional fiction coaching by Yours Truly. I really do charge $100/hr. for this service, and it has helped numerous clients go from inchoate idea to totally choate plot, characters, and more.
  • Priceless: Your name listed in the “Thank You” portion of each book (including the fancy edition).

Yes, sirree (or possibly missie or ma’amie), you get a lot more rewards than just $100 worth. Won’t you contribute today so this incredible Kickstarter can get funded and everybody can get three times their investment back?

So, please, go now to TeslaTrilogy.com and be a part of an exciting literary event—everyone will be ultra-glad you did!



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