As you know, my friends, I am in the midst of, in all modesty, THE GREATEST KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN since Hercules asked for a little help to buy a squeegee for his Augean Stables project.

It is The Tesla Trilogy, and if you are a faithful follower of my blog, you know all about its groundbreaking tales of adventure featuring Nikola Tesla, the hottest innovator since Prometheus. (GET IT? I am a renowned person who makes references to Classical literature to look smerter.)


Little-known fact: “Dunce” is actually Latin for “smert.”

My first video for the campaign was, um, let’s just say a bit “slapdash.” I sat out on my porch and talked to my shaking iPhone. The reviews were harsh and the results very poor indeed. But that is all in the past—and, more importantly, deleted—and it has been replaced by a fun and informative video about the entire trilogy, set to my favorite music of all time of EVAR. Please check it out, won’t you? Be sure to have your sound on!

There’s just two weeks from today (it ends December 7) to get on board the Tesla Trilogy Kickstarter steam-powered locomotive!

Crazy trainLittle-known fact: “Locomotive” is Spanish for “crazy train.”

You will get all three novels, audiobooks, eBooks, and possibly even a Tesla fez and a faux-leatherbound, gold-stamped, signed and numbered hardback omnibus edition of all three books!

Hope to see you there, my friends.



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