It’s time to be thinking 2016 Cons!

While I whittle down my wish list of Comic Cons and film festivals and such for 2016 that I will do in support of my books and, as ever, Lovecraft content portal, please have a gander at the magnificence that is my special “for Cons” résumé:

Sean Hoade CV for Cons 2015_Page_1Sean Hoade CV for Cons 2015_Page_2Sean Hoade CV for Cons 2015_Page_3Sean Hoade CV for Cons 2015_Page_4

I think this looks good. I think I’m going to go with this. 🙂


My evil lair office nook is coming along nicely!

In preparation for the arrival of roomie Calvin, I have moved my office into the kitchen nook and am doing it with FLAIR, dammit! (Click on pics for close-ups.)

My office shelf 10-13-2015

The shelf of horrors and also fine men’s grooming pint glasses.

Hat shelf 10-13-2015

I like hats. And booze.

Cthulhu on wall in office 10-13-2015

All five eyes look upon you with annoyance.

Walls need posters and whiteboards and such.

Walls need posters and whiteboards and such.

More to come!

Chuck Wendig on How to outline during National Plot Your Novel Month

Same old shit or crazy new shit?

Chuck Wendig is a novelist, screenwriter, and game designer. This is from his blog. He talks a lot about writing. And food. And pop culture. And his kid. He uses lots of naughty language. NSFW. Probably NSFL. Be advised.

Next month is National Novel Writing Month, aka NaNoWriMo.

This month, I am declaring to be NaPloYoNoMo, or National Plot Your Novel Month. Or, if you prefer the more profane edition, NaPloYoMoFuGoDaNoMo month.

I want you to think about the planning, plotting and scheming of your novel.

I want you to think about outlining that novel.

Now, some of you are resistant to the idea of outlining. I know. I get it. Some of you upon hearing the word “outline” clenched up so hard, your buttholes permanently sealed shut. Now it’s just a smooth patch of flesh like bubble gum stretched across a puckered mouth.


Calm down. Unseal thine buttocks.

Read the rest at terribleminds!

Las Vegas’s Little Shop of Magic Brings You the “Weekend In Arkham” Lovecraftian Gaming Con!

Finally, something eldritchly cool is happening in Vegas!

A Weekend in Arkham 2015

By John Coviello

It happens once a year, as the warm golden glow of autumn light fades, the pale moon grows heavy and large, and the air takes on a discomforting chill. The veil between worlds grows thin. Heathens and Cultists are rumored to visit ancient ruins to worship the Great Azathoth during this darkling season, ghouls are said to hunt for prey in misty graveyards, and the wicked descendants of the Salem witches are known to soar alongside cawing murders of crows as the cruel neon beams of the Northern Lights flicker across the vault of the sky.

A Weekend in Arkham is coming.

Our annual two-day festival of H.P. Lovecraft and tabletop gaming will take place at the brick-n-mortar Little Shop of Magic store in Las Vegas, Nevada on October 17-18! We invite you to join us in delving into the mysteries of the Ancient Ones, and confronting profound, unspeakable, Lovecraftian horrors.

This year’s celebration features plentiful opportunities to play your favorite games based on the works of H. P. Lovecraft: Elder Sign, The Doom That Came to Atlantic City, Night of the Grand Octopus, Arkham Horror, Eldritch Horror, and many more. Seating is limited in most of these events, so we recommend that you pre-register early in order to reserve your spot.

Savor playing your old favorites, learn a new Lovecraft-themed game, or even contribute to the effort by submitting your own event. You can learn more about the weekend’s events by accessing the schedule here.

We look forward to seeing you in our shop for a weekend of bone-chilling, thoroughly enjoyable horror!