BIG TIME ALERT: My first outgoing blurbage!

Hey, guys, getting ready to go on Con Trip II: This Time, It’s Not on a Fucking Bus! 

But first, I’m kind of excited because, even though Medicaid pays for my medicine and “scraping by” refers to those times when we pay the whole electric bill at once, I was asked for a blurb! And I did it and now it’s on the book and no one can take it away!

Check it. It’s for my friend Jim Smiley’s upcoming horror novel, Girl’s Night In, which stands all of the tropes of horror fiction on its head:

Blurb from Sean Hoade

Next time: OMG CONS!!!

ZOMBIE ANATOMY at Salt Lake Comic Con!


I am so psyched for the Salt Lake Comic Con! I created the flyer below for the Panel Showcase, to help get some butts in them seats!


Two weeks from this very day, folks! Tickets still available! Some lucky attendees will be witness to:

  1. My marriage proposals to both Hayley Atwell and Emma Caufield
  2. My extreme Tasing by security
  3. My wife putting me down the garbage disposal, bit by lye-softened bit

Don’t miss it!

Failing, yes, but failing UPWARD!

O Gentle Reader, your faithful correspondent thought it would all go so well. Taking the Greyhound Bus (now with alleged Wi-Fi and power outlets!) across the country from Las Vegas to Providence, Rhode Island over 3 full days would be an honest homage to H.P. Lovecraft, who traveled by bus back in the day before regular commercial flight (and, apparently, quixotic attempts to write a novel draft on two cross-country bus trips).

Yes, folks, “riding the dog” across our fair land was a FAIL creatively and even makingsensely. Even when the Wi-Fi appeared AND the plugs were working (“A fuse musta blown,” several drivers in a row said, and also said that only mechanics at a major stop could flip the breaker back into the “Keep bored passengers from forcing the bus off a goddamn cliff” position), did you know that a bus is an incredibly distracting environment to work in? This is why you rarely read historical reports of Vincent van Gogh or Hieronymus Bosch doing their best work at 70 mph seated next to a sweaty farmboy.

hieronymus-bosch-das-weltgericht-191083For example, Bosch originally intended this to be a still-life of a bowl of fruit.

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