Happy Birthday, Mr. Lovecraft … now in ENGLISH!

This is really nicely written and celebrates HPL perfectly! Sorry about not having the translated version up earlier. As they say in Italy, “Oops!”

Originally posted on They Walk Among Us … in Italian.

Hello to all.

Before anything else I feel obliged to make a thank you and a premise.

In recent days I have had several visits and inscriptions, probably because I started to interact with other blogs (hail), something I had never done before. What can I say, thank you all for being passed and even more thanks to those who joined.

But someone pointed out to me as my blog is visually sparse, compared to others, too easy. That is, it is true. But realize that interests me write and share things with you, with my readers. I do not care to have a blog appealing to look at, first of all because I could not do it. They are not practical html, any of wordpress plugins. Second 99% of the time within which have the phone and I have many chances to make changes from there.
But I like it, simple and easy to see, without a thousand cazzatine that takes attention away from what they basically do here . Write.

OK thanks. 😊

Go on.


Today I will not talk about a game, but an event that for the undersigned has a certain meaning.
On August 20, 1890 was born in Providence, in the state of Rhode Island, Howard Phillips Lovecraft. Writer for me, and especially for the influence that his writings have had on the world of literature, the world of video games, the world of music and also in the film, I think the same level of importance of a JRR Tolkien or EA Poe.


Just think of the story cycle of Cthulhu and the great ancients, or the ingenious invention of pseudobiblia Necronomicon. You have a pretty good idea of how many people have been affected by them?
Do you think, I know, to Metallica. The Call of Ktulu on Ride the Lighting or with The Thing That Should Not Be on Master of Puppets. Or Morbid Angel, the first works are heavily influenced by the Necronomicon. But there would be a thousand other bands inspired in one way or another to these things. If you had to list every band with Lovecraftian references night we would for sure.


As for the world of gaming comes to mind first of The Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of The Heart, the title came out ten years ago on PC and Xbox. But even here there would be a thousand, and not recent.


Yeah, well, even the movies you can indulge. Thought to Dagon Spanish film released in 2001. The plot is heavily influenced by The Shadow over Innsmouth.


The fishing town where you set is called Innboca (translation of Innsmouth), and a thousand other references, including the cult of worshipers of Dagon, for one thing.Carpenter was also inspired by Lovecraft in films such as The Seed of Madness, and partly also in The Thing.


Seen? If you do not think of it he comes out more.

Anyway, no, yesterday was the one hundred twenty anniversary of his birth.

And this post is my personal way to pay tribute to his genius and to thank him for what he was for me and many others.

So happy birthday Howard.
Pass it well.






3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Mr. Lovecraft … now in ENGLISH!

  1. Yee Gods, Hoade. The first thing that came to mind as I was reading this was that you must have been really toasted when you wrote it. Then I realized it was the loose translation of the previous Italian essay. Whew! You’d said so, but I thought that part was under the cut. I’ll go back and actually read it, now that I’ve quit hyperventilating.

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