Your favorite writer makes The New Yorker!

In the latest issue of the chichi publication The New Yorker, from their article about NecronomiCon Providence, “Croissants With Cthulhu”:

“A writer from Las Vegas who listed Deadtown Abbey (‘Cthulhu does Edwardian England’) among his works”—hey, that’s me! (I’m very happy at the mention, but what about my book about, y’know, Cthulhu? Ah well, I’m still very pleased.)

Take a look for yourself!


Murphy-Croissants-With-Cthulhu-690The Cthulhu Prayer Breakfast, at NecronomiCon Providence, is presided over by a hierophant and a deacon, mouthpieces for H. P. Lovecraft’s eldritch world view.

At the Cthulhu Prayer Breakfast, we were finishing our eggs. Two gray-bearded men, the hierophant and the deacon, sat at a dais. They were flanked by a black-cloaked choir. A hymn began; several more (“Yes, They’ll Take Our Brains to Yuggoth,” etc.) punctuated the morning. The hierophant, under his neon-yellow mitre and mask, was the Rev. Dr. Robert M. Price, theologian, professor of biblical criticism, and former fundamentalist Baptist. “Nug and Yeb, great dragons black and red, come prepare thy father’s table,” he intoned. Then he began to channel Cthulhu, who seemed lethargic. “I know what you’re thinking, folks,” he grumbled. “Why no apocalyptic catastrophe yet?”

Read more at The New Yorker!


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