Cthulhu (Attacks) has risen!

Think of this blog post as the Christmas letter you get from your fortysomething Aunt who divorced your mother’s brother and has found she is MEANT to do freestyle rock climbing and also have sex with other women, and wants to tell you and everyone else with a mailbox ALL about it. Lots of details that are kinda relevant to you in that it’s someone in your general ken, but maybe not particularly interesting in themselves to parties outside of the blogger’s close and annoyed circle of friends.

Nevertheless, here I am, sharing some “deets” about the new books that have “dropped” recently. (I hired a consultant to help me use more “youth-demographic-friendly” verbiage. Word to your mother, amirite? Also, did I mention that he’s been out of the biz since 1986?)

Sean in parachute pants

He also picked out my cool outfit for readings and signings.

Cthulhu Attacks! Book 1: The Fear

You may have noticed that my first big book out from an actual publisher (Severed Press) has been occupying a lot of my time recently, what with getting ready for two H.P. Lovecraft-themed conventions and another two Comic Cons sprinkled in between. Take a look at this kick-ass banner that will kick your ass as soon as you look at it is how kick-ass I’m saying it is:

People holding bannerAfter looking at this banner, both models were rushed to the kick-injured wing of the ass hospital.

The book is getting, for reals, great reviews from people I don’t even know! Amazon, Goodreads, you name it as long as it’s Amazon or Goodreads. Five stars, five stars, and a three-star for some reason on a review that was actually more pumped about the book than either of the five-stars! Anyway, it’s a great read and Severed is the best.

Zombie School Confidential

Cthulhu Attacks! is the new fiction book, but the long-in-the-making Zombie School Confidential is the other book, this time nonfiction, what is getting released as we speak. This book is split into 7 “lessons,” each based on an in-depth interview held with me by Matt Scalici of FilmNerds.com. Look at this cover, designed completely by the amazing Putnam Finch, who also did the Cthulhu Attacks! cover as well as the angry green guy on the banner above. BUT LOOK AT THIS:

Zombie School Confidential coverEvery tenure-track assistant’s worst nightmare: Full professors who never die. 

It’s funny, but Matt and I might not have been motivated to finish the book (which took OMG a lot of extra work) if not for this incredible cover that could not go to waste. Putnam Finch is a genius.

In fact, Mr. Finch’s Cthulhu art appears on the bookmarks I will be forcing into the hands of EVERY person at NecronomiCon Providence next weekend:

CA bookmark for Web
Place this bookmark in your copy. It’s CTHULHUCEPTION.

The paperback and ebook of Cthulhu Attacks are available from Amazon, or signed from me! Zombie School Confidential is available all three ways as well, but for more on this eldritch tome, you’ll have to wait until September 1!

But for now, seriously, buy one of these:

Cthulhu Attacks! paperback signed by the author (me)!

Cthulhu Attacks! in paperback from Amazon

Cthulhu Attacks! in eBook from Amazon




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