Chuck Wendig: Starving is a terrible condition for making art

The most excellent writing brain of Chuck Wendig is back to remind us to do what we need to do in order to write and also SURVIVE.

The myth of the starving artist is a pervasive one.

And, like all myths, it has a kernel of truth. What I mean is this:

It is good to be creatively hungry. Hungry for the next deal. Hungry to write the next thing. Eager to tackle tale after tale with a junkie’s ambition. That kind of hunger has power. And it’s maybe why some young writers or even writers who are writing in the middle of their careers do so with a kind of viciousness, a kind of giddy desperation that you don’t necessarily see in authors operating at the ends of their careers. (And it’s why it’s always a shame to see young writers playing it so safe, so close to the vest, when really they should be straining against the preconceived restraints of past work and of industry expectations — but really, this is a digression best served for some other time and some other rant.)

It is awful, really very truly awful, to be actually hungry.

Read the rest at!

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