The season of Cons is upon us! Well, upon me, anyway.

My dear friends, exciting stuff is brewing here at Hoade World International HQ. In just a matter of weeks, I will have TWO new books out for your enjoyment: The first is, natch, Cthulhu Attacks! Book One: The Fear, which I know I’ve been talking about endlessly. (Secret surprise hint: If you click this link here just right, you might be taken to the first chapter, a 35-page chunk of horror and agony. But sssh! I ain’t told nobody yet.)

Call of Cthulhu for kidsIt’s mind-shattering horror for all ages!

And then there is also my long-awaited nonfiction book on the undead, Zombie School Confidential. (Who knows, maybe clicking right on this here link could take you to read the first “lesson” from the book?)

zombies playing poker

When zombie card players throw their hand in, they really throw their hand in!    <rimshot>

But that’s not all, kids. These two books are being released just in time for my Con-a-palooza, four huge Cons in less than six weeks! The first will be the H.P. Lovecraft Convention of a lifetime, celebrating the 125th birthday of the Old Gent himself: The NecronomiCon!

It’s in Providence, RI, and I shall be “riding the dog” for 2 days and 16 hours each way from (and then to) Vegas. I will be writing a novella on the way and soaking up all the eldritch goodness! And look, they’ve invited me as a guest, no less:

Sean schedule for NecronomiconWhen you get to sit on panels alongside to some of your heroes … it’s a good feeling.

After that incredible experience, I will be hawking my new books—also very probably including my silver-age–style SF novel, The Act, first written in 1993 but more relevant now than ever (I love it when science fiction work out like that).

deckardeatingnoodlesFor example, to this day Commander Adama will not let Han Solo eat his noodles in peace.

After NecronomiCon August 20-23, I head to the Rose City Comic Con in portland from September 19-20, the Salt Lake Comic Con from September 24-26, and then back to Portland—and to Lovecraft—for the 20th Anniversary H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival and CthulhuCon. More on all of these to follow!


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