A sneak preview of Cthulhu Attacks! More to come soon, too …

My sweets, as we gear up for the publication of Cthulhu Attacks! Book One: The Fear, I will have some teases to keep you entertained and wanting more of this most eldritch tome.

Below, behold the section/chapter names, each of them more suspenseful and horrying than the last. There are six main sections in addition to a prologue and an epilogue. Take a look!

tentacles and cheese with vincent price

The Event Something has broken through into our dimension, killing hundreds of millions in 45 seconds.
The Aftermath Everyone from the President of the United States to an escaped mental patient try to piece together what happened … and they come to a conclusion that can’t possibly be true: A creature exactly like H.P. Lovecraft’s fictional Cthulhu has come.
The Rising The Event was just the beginning. Now Cthulhu is moving, creating mind-destroying psionic waves like the electricity produced when a magnet passes through a loop of copper wire.
The Madness Humans make a mass exodus to the north to get away from the psionic pulses of Cthulhu, there are some who are spared the insanity and crazed need to escape. But who? And why are they not affected?
The Arrival The horrible, destructive entity that killed half the world’s population just by existing was only the start. That was only Cthulhu’s “herald form,” clearing the way for the Old One Himself, and just a taste of the horrors to come.
The Invasion Some proclaim themselves prophets of Great Cthulhu, and others plan to protect themselves or poison their own minds to avoid Cthulhu’s ken. But then Cthulhu steps foot on Earth in his horrific glory, spawning uncountable numbers of shape-shifting shoggoths to cleanse His new world.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Just wait until you get your sharp little claws on it! Your mad screams shall be music to my ears!

Next up: A full section of Cthulhu Attacks! to make you a slavering acolyte … as if that would save you fools! Click here for demented, evil, mocking laugh.


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