Cthulhu Attacks! is all done. Except for the stuff that isn’t!

Fiends, Ronins, Highwaymen–rejoice! For the first presentation draft of my epic Lovecraftian novel, Cthulhu Attacks! Book 1: The Fear, is complete!

<crowd roars>

Weighing in at a respectable 67,715 words, this draft is being edited behind me by my Editor of Wonders, a pro who’s been in the editing side of publishing for almost 20 years, the talented and beautiful Ann Hoade!

<crowd like really roars>


I have been writing like the dickens since she is coming up behind, editing like a word banshee. Now that I have completed the draft, I will now be behind her (giggity), putting in her edits and polishing the manuscript to get to Severed Press by Tuesday, July 14!

“Putting in her edits and my own, and then polishing” sounds so easy when I just write it like that. But in fact it can be an excruciating process, one that some (ultimately sad) writers skip altogether.

It has taken me over a year to write this puppy, first because of the ignominious tardation of my former “publisher,” Permuted Press (motto: “We can no longer waste 78% of our employees’ time on a motto”); and second because I had one of those 8-to-5 “job” thingies everyone always seems so hot about. Luckily, they hypocritically canned me, so I was free to hit this hard once again.

The esteemed artist Putnam Finch created INCREDIBLE cover art (which I will show you tomorrow) and Severed made the cover look EXACTLY how I had hoped (again, the cover discussion will be tomorrow, so tune back in). The book (IMHO, of course) is a real honey. This being the first time I’ve written a trilogy, I was concerned at the open-endedness of the story, but then I went back and checked that each character has an arc that starts and finishes with this story, even though these characters will be back in Book 2: The Faith. I took Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy as an inspiration on how keep an ending open in a way that will make readers clamor for more, but also complete the arcs of each character for each particular installment so it can be its own effective dramatic book.

I don’t know quite when Severed will want to bring this out, but of coure I’ll keep you updated, my friends. For now, I thought you might find it diverting to see my word count spreadsheet for Cthulhu Attacks! (something I highly recommend every fiction writer create, btw. I adapted one from a NanoWriMo widget and it worked spectacularly).

All of the dates are correct, so you can see where I left the manuscript rotting in a computer file and when I picked it back up. I was hired by InfoStreamGroup (motto: “We’re like a family. Where abuse and neglect must never be mentioned to outsiders”) on July 28, 2014. The whole Permuted fiasco was in the early part of October 2014. ISG canned my happy ass on March 31, 2015. Work has a bad effect on productivity (as do collapsing unethical publishers), so I say leave it and just write.

So here’s what my progress looked like for the year. My goal length was 65,000 words and I landed pretty near that:

cthulhu word count

Tomorrow: The thrilling evolution of the Cthulhu Attacks! front cover!


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