The season of Cons is upon us! Well, upon me, anyway.

My dear friends, exciting stuff is brewing here at Hoade World International HQ. In just a matter of weeks, I will have TWO new books out for your enjoyment: The first is, natch, Cthulhu Attacks! Book One: The Fear, which I know I’ve been talking about endlessly. (Secret surprise hint: If you click this link here just right, you might be taken to the first chapter, a 35-page chunk of horror and agony. But sssh! I ain’t told nobody yet.)

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A sneak preview of Cthulhu Attacks! More to come soon, too …

My sweets, as we gear up for the publication of Cthulhu Attacks! Book One: The Fear, I will have some teases to keep you entertained and wanting more of this most eldritch tome.

Below, behold the section/chapter names, each of them more suspenseful and horrying than the last. There are six main sections in addition to a prologue and an epilogue. Take a look!

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From Chuck Wendig: Think, Plan, Write, Edit, Repeat

Great stuff, as usual, from writing guru Chuck Wendig. Read, understand, absorb.

Art Doesn't Just Happen -- ART IS MADE

The mantra of the writer—both published and unpublished and soon-to-be-published-again-someday-maybe—should really be: HURRY UP AND WAIT.

The career comes in fits and starts, feast and famine. A flurry of activity and a dead run into Nowheresville—a cursor spinning, crickets chirping, tumbleweeds tumbling, zombies gumming each other with rotten teeth just outside a Bed, Bath and Beyond.

It’s like drinking a glass of ice water and suddenly an ice cube dam releases and your face is suddenly the target of an ice cube avalanche and then your shirt is wet and your pants are wet and people think you aggressively urinated on yourself. Then you’re out of water and it’s like, “Hey, when do I get more water?” and the only response is a bewildering, sympathetic shrug. The glass sits empty for months and your mouth goes dry until suddenly—a firehose knocks you back.

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Cthulhu Attacks! ships in August. Be afraid—or don’t. Either way, we’re all doomed.

It’s funny how you work so long on a book, and when it finally is being made a real book by your publisher, time starts zipping by! My lieges at Severed Press are hard at work getting the first book of the Cthulhu Attacks! Trilogy (The Fear) shipshape and ready to sail.

To whet your appetites, I include below the jacket copy for Book One. If you’re one of my delightful Patreon supporters, you will get this book before anyone else. (And if you’re not one, think about it, wouldya?) But it will be available to all by the end of August—watch this space for announcements a-plenty!

For now, behold!

For half a billion years, Cthulhu has lain trapped in R’lyeh, dead but dreaming. But now the stars are right, and the Old One is rising. Instant death for hundreds of millions, insanity for many more. And he hasn’t even gotten out of the water. In Cthulhu Attacks! Book One: The Fear, for the first time the Return of the Tentacled God is shown as it could really unfold, with world governments and a desperate and frightened populace scrambling to understand, survive, and ultimately fight back against an enemy so powerful He could kill every human on Earth without even noticing we are here. The Cthulhu Attacks! Trilogy—with Book Two: The Faith and Book Three: The Fight to follow The Fear—gives a groundbreaking treatment to H.P. Lovecraft’s most enduring creation: What would really happen if Cthulhu rose? Why and how was He confined “until the stars were right”? And what could humans—from the President of the United States to a self-absorbed, alcoholic, professional “skeptic” to an escaped mental patient—do when faced with the most powerful Being in four dimensions? Sean Hoade brings edge-of-your-seat suspense to the story readers have waited for since “The Call of Cthulhu”—what happens when Cthulhu Attacks!

Next up: A first chapter preview!

Cthulhu Attacks! is all done. Except for the stuff that isn’t!

Fiends, Ronins, Highwaymen–rejoice! For the first presentation draft of my epic Lovecraftian novel, Cthulhu Attacks! Book 1: The Fear, is complete!

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Weighing in at a respectable 67,715 words, this draft is being edited behind me by my Editor of Wonders, a pro who’s been in the editing side of publishing for almost 20 years, the talented and beautiful Ann Hoade!

<crowd like really roars>

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