Time spent critiquing is not time lost for writers

critiquingMy “Fiction Time” writing workshop (filled to capacity, w00t) starts tomorrow evening, and so I have critiquing on the mind even as I work on my Cthulhu Attacks! trilogy. Below is an excellent article on the benefits that come to a writer when he or she devotes time to critiquing positive writers who want to improve their craft. Have a look!

The Benefits From Critiquing Are Not Just in the Feedback Given and Received

by Ann Meier on Janice Hardy’s Fiction University

You may wonder if the hours you spend reading someone else’s manuscript when you could be working on your own are worth it. The answer is yes. With the right mix of critique partners, the benefits can far outweigh the loss of writing time. Choose partners strategically.

1. Should you stick with writers in your genre?

Yes and no. When you’re learning the tropes and craft …

Read the rest at Fiction University!


2 thoughts on “Time spent critiquing is not time lost for writers

  1. Sean, What time and where is the class tomorrow? Toni

    Toni K. Pacini Southern Gothic Author Conference Coordinator Las Vegas Writer’s Conference http://www.lifeswriteon.com 559.283.3154

    On Tue, Jun 9, 2015 at 11:23 AM, Sean Hoade Brings You The World’s Greatest Blog

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