Facebook and the writer’s life can be strange bedfellows. I have been pumping my author’s page full of new content for several weeks now. And it has reached 539 people, not too shabby for a boy like me!



That translates into a batting average of 0.0018, good enough perhaps to qualify for the Cubs but otherwise a bit underwhelming.


You just gotta keep swingin’. Getting my books out there and having fun doing it are my mission. Anyone who buys my books loves them (once they read them, and in many cases even if they never do) and I feel I am spreading good content and the joy that comes with it to as many people as I can.

¡Viva los libros!
(¡en particular, los libros de Sean Hoade!)



2 thoughts on “Womp.

  1. Yay. We’re already friends on facebook. Heh, Cubs don’t roll like that anymore. If I can ever get a portable breathing device, maybe we can meet at a Con sometime. That would be cool.
    Good luck. I’m an indie publisher/writer, and it’s a tough old world.

    • Thanks for the commiseration, old boy. If the Cubbies won the pennant, I think the space-time continuum might rip, but I’m all for it!

      Do you need scuba gear? We must meet up!

      Also, link to your books?


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