My interview on Zombiepalooza Radio live on recorded video! (corrected versions)

Hey, cats and kittens, my long-delayed interview on Zombiepalooza Radio is available to watch and/or listen to! It was a lot of fun talking with Jackie Chin and her gang of undead reprobates about Reviva Las Vegas!Deadtown Abbey, and zombie lore and history in general. Take a look, won’t you?

There is a tiny bit of feedback for the first minute or so. Power through it. You can do it. You are strong.

The video on YouTube!

or maybe try

The audio in mp3!
(You’ll have to download it since WordPress wants money for mp3s to be hosted, sigh.)

The corrected versions without the 5 minutes of technical fumbling are now posted.

More fun to come as I make my book push! Maybe stop by and buy a book or two?


3 thoughts on “My interview on Zombiepalooza Radio live on recorded video! (corrected versions)

  1. Well done, young Hoade! Aside from the technical difficulties, which I assume you’ve now resolved for next time, I only have one suggestion. Going back and clarifying what you’ve just said makes you sound sort of, I dunno, tentative, I guess. F’rinstance, (I paraphrase) “using antibacterial handsoap too much, you create new superbacteria. No, not actually new superbacteria, but you kill off the regular ones and all that remain are the super ones.” You didn’t need that further clarification. Nobody’s gonna fault you for your statement. We’re on a zombie program, here! I understand the need for clarity. I do. But too many times saying “this” and then saying “no, not actually this, but this” and you start sounding unsure. You gotta have your facts together and readily available to check (1931 movie, no, 1932, no wait was it 31 or 32) You had to know that film would come up. You’re in a stressful situation, so don’t rely on memory for everything. I’ll bet you had notes when you spoke before your classes.

    You should be pretty comfortable in front of groups of people, you’ve taught classes and sat on panels and done readings. You’re entitled to your opinion of things, and I thought you handled that part especially well. Except for when you backpedaled again and said, of course, that’s just my opinion… People tuned in to hear your thoughts. Your confidence level will doubtless increase, the more of these things you do.

    You have a great speaking presence, and it’s obvious you know your topic well. I was intrigued to hear how you pulled off teaching a for-credit course on zombies. It seems to be more thought-provoking and beneficial than, say, basketweaving… (Now, here, if you’d said that, you would have interjected “not to insult any basketweavers, mind you… See? Too apologetic. Breaks your rhythm.)

    I’m proud on you for a fine interview. Did you notice, though, that she had to bring you around to discussing your book? Ooops. How do you think YOU did, now that you’ve listened again? Not a bad session, huh?

    • Thank you for the insights! I’m very happy with it (technical difficulties aside). I think my double-back way of speaking keeps me from seeming too smug — not that it’s intentional. I’ve just started my book-circuit speechifying, so I think I’ll get the spieling down pat in time.

      In other news, how is your toe, or what’s left of it?

      • Ha! There’s lots left of it, and it doesn’t hurt. But it’s gonna have to grow a whole new nail, so it’ll be several months before I can look at it without gagging. All I want is for it to heal enough so I can go back to swimming laps at LA Fitness. No sooner get a routine established and such as this comes along? Perhaps the Universe is trying to tell me something… LALALALALALALALA… fingers in ears Thanks for asking.

        Not sure I’d say smug. Rather, a little insecure, yet, that you can get away with saying what you think without being or seeming like a prize ass. That’ll come, with time, as you say.

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