I read the hilarious “MudMen” at CthulhuCon!

If you ever want a great audience for a reading, take your Lovecraftian story to CthulhuCon and give a rousing rendition of your work. It was a triumph last year, and it was a triumph this year.

Note of perhaps maybe interest: My buddy Greg took this video of me reading, and then I used like all this software to enhance the audio. I did a THING! So proud of myself. Too proud, I’m sure. Anyway, enjoy to me reading “MudMen” at CthulhuCon PDX last weekend:

Also, don’t forget you can support a writer who loves you for YOU. Watch this other video (if you like) and learn how to become like a Medici or a Carnegie, a patron of the arts:

With love,


1 thought on “I read the hilarious “MudMen” at CthulhuCon!

  1. Guess I’ll bookmark this for later enjoyment. In case you hadn’t heard (you did) I’m kinda busy hobbling around like Igor right now. Maybe I can play it while I’m ironing? How’d you get away with 35 minutes? I thought there were limits, like 20 minutes or so. I heard. Anyway, it’s on my listening list, fer shur.

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