CthulhuCon bombardment coming soon!

You, in your dewy naïveté, might think that you know what was the greatest thing in EVAR.

You would be wrong.

That is, unless you believe it to be this past weekend’s CthulhuCon PDX. In that case, okay, lucky guess. But it was indeed the meeting of hundreds of different minds all focused on one thing: Cosmic horror and its delivery boy, one H.P. Lovecraft.

I sat on panels, one on Cthulhu v. Dracula (which was not a Celebrity Death Match but in fact a sober and reasoned fun as hell discussion about the difference between Bram Stoker’s Dracula (fun fact: anagram for “Bat rules, drama rocks!”) and our Mr. Lovecraft’s “The Call of Cthulhu”; and the other on “Creating a Mythos” (fun fact: anagram for “A Mythos Creating”), both of which were an absolute blast and for which video will be posted shortly.

Also, before Woden’s Day is upon us, I expect to also have video posted of my triumphant reading at the Con, my story “MudMen,” which is being published in Brian Sammons and Glynn Barass’s Summer of Lovecraft.

This post, then, is to remind you to keep your eyes peeled (ew) for a full report on all things CthulhuCon. This will occur when I have all the pics and videos AND I have recovered from a new-Guantanamo-prisoner–level sleep deficit.

Also, stay tuned for my new Patreon campaign! I know, you can’t wait, right? ME NEITHER!

Love and crafts,


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