Publicity, Part 2! With SWEET zombie-killing video!

Okay, so when we last met, I was talking about the new versions of the books. And that is YAY! But now I shall talk about some actual publicity I’ll be doing, starting this very week!

The Zombie Apocalypse Store

My awesome friends Samantha and Tim are in town this week, so I took them over to Las Vegas’s own Zombie Apocalypse Store. While we were there, I took the opportunity to relieve our planet of one of the undead horde. This is the new reality TV: FAKE reality TV. Oh, wait, that’s what reality TV already is …

Sean Incinerates Zombie!

While I was there, I got a copy of Reviva Las Vegas! into the clerk’s hands and left some bookmarks. I’m thinking a few or more copies could sell, seeing as how it’s ZOMBIES in VEGAS and all. The store is AMAZING and you must visit it if you come to Sin City. It truly has everything you need as a zombie hunter or regular survivalist.

I shall also be taking the books around to various book stores in the valley (which you can count on one hand, basically) and hand-selling some copies of RLV and DA.

Guesting on Zombiepalooza Radio

I am making the publicity rounds for the most recent two books, the ones self-pubbed in 2015, Deadtown Abbey and Reviva Las Vegas! Having made wonderful friends in the zombie aficionado and the Lovecraftian communities, I’m scheduled to be a guest on Zombiepalooza radio to talk about Reviva Las Vegas! THIS FRIDAY, APRIL 17 FROM 10–11 p.m. Eastern time, which of course is 9–10 Central, 8–9 Mountain, and 7–8 here in Pacific time!

Catch it right here: ZOMBIEPALOOZA RADIO!


Although it is a bit tough to understand them when they call in with a request.

Keeping Portland Weird at CthulhuCon

After that, I’m headed to Portland from April 25–26 for the 20th Annual CthulhuCon to meet with my favorite people in the literary world, the Lovecraftian writers, readers, and gamers that make the eldritch life worth living! I’ll be reading my story “MudMen” and appearing on some panels to talk all things HPL, baby. (I hope to get a video of it up on YouTube, like I currently I have last year’s reading from Deadtown Abbey.)


The only thing more Lovecraftian legit than this would be MC Hammer singing hymns at an Esoteric Order of Dagon tent revival.

Rolling a 20 on Lovecraft eZine LIVE

Also at the CthulhuCon, I’ll get to see my friend and person who introduced me to the world of Lovecraftiana, Mike Davis of the Lovecraft eZine, THE nexus of everything to do with the Old Gent from Providence in every medium. I will then be appearing on his unmissable live video podcast to talk about Deadtown Abbey on SUNDAY, MAY 3 at 6 p.m. Eastern, so 3 p.m. out here in the West.

Watch it live here: LOVECRAFT eZINE VIDEO PODCAST! (And if you miss the live broadcast, Mike has a full YouTube archive. SO much good stuff there.)


Maybe a bit too much.

That’s just the beginning

My Spousal Unit, Ann, has become my business manager (with Sean Conner as my completely unlicensed personal attorney and Gregory Pius as my Portland connection) and between her efforts and my own, there should be quite a bit more to report publicity-wise in the coming weeks and months. If anyone has any suggestions for good outlets, I hope you’ll let me know either by email or in the comment section below.

Upcoming stuff

  • The Portland Living Dead Convention in June
  • Salt Lake Comic Con in September
  • Reviews, like, everywhere!

Be well, dear hearts, and let’s talk again soon.


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