The Top Break-Up Reasons Of 2014

Written for the amazing “pay me for a date” site,

There are as many different reasons for a couple to break up as there are couples who break up. Each year, WhatsYourPrice surveys America’s fresh singles (those who have broken things off in a relationship during the past year) to see what was the last straw, one step over the line, or the final turd in the punchbowl.

Although really, the first one probably should have been the deal-breaker.

We asked 105,000 newly single people for the reason their last relationship ended, and we kept it anonymous so we could get the real causes of their breakups. Some of the answers will surprise you … and others won’t. At all.

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How To Impress Your Rich Boyfriend’s Family

Written for the wonderful Sugar Lifestyle site, SeekingArrangement. Enjoy!

There are as many kinds of Sugar arrangements as there are couples in the lifestyle. With 4 million members (and growing) on SeekingArrangement, that’s a lot of different dating scenarios! Some Sugar Daddies are married, some are single. Some Sugar Babies are looking for companionship and acceptance as much as any financial largesse, and others just want someone to take care of their bills in exchange for intimacy and friendship.


Much like actual babies, come to think of it.

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