Deck the Haul: What I got for Christmas (so far)

20141225_104501Merry Christmas, puny humans. I shall nowwhat? OH, GODDAMNIT, STAN AND FRY!”

It’s that magical time of year when everybody gets each other stuff and that shows love and it’s awesome. This morning I awoke to find this cool swag under our tree from my dear Annie:

20141225_105016Once the man-socks are presented and unwrapped, Christmas may officially begin.

20141225_110155A mason jar with built-in straw is Norway’s official Viking mead vessel.

Photo on 12-25-14 at 3.51 PM“My god, Google Cardboard is full of stars!”

20141225_105145Jack: “Chopped-up plant as a cat holiday gift? Hmm, well, I guess I’ll taste it


20141225_105228The Spousal Unit supported both my drinking and my beard with this pint glass set.

20141225_105255Here it is in its natural habitat.

20141225_105421The shrine to my liver is coming along nicely,
thanks to prezzies from my awesome work buddies.

20141225_105046“Stocking stuffers” comes from the Old English term for “many snacks.”

20141225_105003“Hi, my name is Sean, and I’m … I’m an orthography geek! [*sob*] It has been 12 minutes since I last pedantically held forth on arcane subjects of grammar and punctuation.”

20141225_104902Handlebar mustaches are the gateway to awesome philosopher beards.
And Christmas tree Peeps are the gateway to diabeetus.

20141225_104703My Number One gift: A huge and heavy tome of Annotated H.P Lovecraft. I love my wife.

20141225_104602This is far more disgustingly wonderful than a photo can convey.

20141225_104530Oh, is it a “Labbit” with full-on Vermont Ben beard? Why, yes it is!

20141225_110235Becky: “Jack got chopped-up plant as a holiday gift? Hmm, well, I guess I’ll taste it

 Merry Christmas, everyone!


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