Quiz: What Do You Get For The Man Who Has Everything?

A burglar alarm! HAW!

But seriously, a Sugar Baby who wants to give her Daddy something special at holiday time might find herself in something of a dilemma: most Arrangements are based on his generosity with material things and her generosity with time and attention. At Christmas, however, everybody loves to give gifts as well as receive them. What could a Baby possibly get for a man with his own Learjet, for goodness’ sake?


Just a suggestion.

To best answer that question, just take our SeekingArrangement quiz below. We bet it will get your creative juices flowing to make the Season’s giving bright for both of you.

1. What kind of cufflinks does your Sugar Daddy prefer?

a. Tasteful, minimalist gold
b. Silver ones shaped like dice
c. None; he wears only T-shirts made from free-trade cotton
d. Plastic ones shaped like boobs

Read the rest at SeekingArrangement.com!


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