Did you know that Autographed novels make excellent Christmas gifts?


The cape in this metaphor is my books. “Fly” stands for “achieve full self-actualization.”
Also, you will have more sex.


Any of my fantastic books below are just 1 for $15 and 2 for $25,
inscribed to the person of your choice!

Also, if you buy 2 you get all 5 in eBook format!


Won’t you help keep me, Sean the Nice Guy, from having a blue Christmas? All proceeds go to the “Bring Sean’s Middle Daughter To Vegas Because He Hasn’t Seen Her In Two Years” fund, a worthy cause! Also, the books are fucking AWESOME.

revivacover Windsor Castle Fire in 1992 atanewfront

Zombies in Vegas!

Lovecraft at Downton! Wickedness
in Winnebagos!

Eight years after the Zombie Apocalypse, a vagabond former poker champion gets a chance to compete in a tournament to stay in Vegas, the last zom-free city in America. If he wins, he’s safe. But if he loses …

Read the first chapter here.

Funny and scary, this book doesn’t require that you know anything about the BBC show Downton Abbey. Just think vampires, werewolves, and eldritch Old Ones invading an Edwardian English manor house.

Read the first chapter here.

In the tradition of Elmore Leonard and Carl Hiaasen, this is the story of an embezzling RV salesman running off with his girlfriend after rubbing out his wife. A thriller for the cynical, the bitter, and the doomed.

Read the first chapter here.

Buy Signed
Reviva Las Vegas!
(3 remaining)

Buy Signed
Deadtown Abbey

(3 remaining)

Buy Signed
Ain’t That America

(3 remaining)

DDcover IBcover books for xmas
Literary-Historical Fantasy! Stupefying Stories! Easy to buy!
Easy to read! 

Charles Darwin and Captain Robert Fitzroy of the Beagle were lifelong friends and rivals, ultimately evolving into enemies.

Read the first chapter here.

My notorious 2011 book of short stories. Hooker vs. retard, Man in love with giant cyst, Jesus visits, and lots more!

Read the first story,
“Tough Love,” here.

These books, oh, the joy they shall bring you. Just let me know how would like it inscribed and it will be rushed—rushed, I tell you—to your or your beloved’s door.

Buy Signed
Darwin’s Dreams

(3 remaining)

Buy Signed
Inappropriate Behavior

(3 remaining)

These are the last of these editions—publishers have snapped them up and will end this here stock!


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