About Sean Hoade!

Ehrmagerd, check this out, guys.

My diatribe about that Willy Wonka-esque factory of abused authors, Permuted Press, has brought my blog thousands of new views and dozens of new followers, all of whom woke up this morning taller and—although I know it scarcely seems possible—even more attractive than when they went to bed.

Brad-Pitt-smiling copy

Results totally typical.

Because of the burden I must take on now to keep my new followers entertained and also enlightened, I have been converting my award-winning (Note: not really) website, SeanHoade.com, over to the magic that is WordPress. I have completed by “About Me!” page, which honestly will change your life and win you lots of money if ever you are on Jeopardy! and your category is “Writers Who Flailed Futilely For Attention” or “Shit Heads,” in which the correct response will have words starting with S and H.

Please have a look and have your friends over to have a look and then sign everybody up like it’s a Tupperware party from Hell. At least the content will always stay fresh! (Note: not really.)

Check out About Sean Hoade!


4 thoughts on “About Sean Hoade!

  1. FYI, your link to your blog may be borked. It took ME to a page that said gosh, we’re sorry, etc. There was, however, an option to click on Home, which took me to where you probably wish the link took me. Should be a simple fix.

    Also, where have I read this bio before? Was it on KS?

    • Thank you, borkedness fixed! And the copy is moved over, sharpened, and illustrated further from the old SeanHoade.com site. I have no idea was KS is, but I bet it’s AWESOME.

      • KS would be KIckstarter, my good friend. I know I’ve seen this bio before. Was it there? I know you believe I should hie me to the mortuary because I remember Barney Miller fondly, but I don’t think my memory is totally off the tracks. Where else did you publish this? Oh. Wait. Time travel? Is that it? Or, déja vu, maybe? Yikes! Perhaps I have powers!

      • Ah, yes! It was my old About Me! page, but now spruced up. And I fondly remember Barney Miller, so I’ll be hieing it right there with ya.

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