“The Author Apocalypse”

My own extremely long (hello, ladies) essay on the Permuted Press fustercluck is coming in a little bit, but here’s another voice from the wild. It’s by James Roy Daley, who was abused by PP in ways I hadn’t even thought about, and he has started his own imprint, Books of the Dead Press. Solid stuff:

A shit storm has been brewing within the horror community, and it seems to be powerful enough to rip the populace in half. Permuted Press, which was founded by Jacob Kier, but was recently sold, has damaged their reputation in a way that will most likely never be undone.

On Monday, July 8th, 2013––as a Permuted Press author (The Dead Parade)––I received an email from Jacob, stating:

“Something big has been in the works the last few months” …

Read the rest of “The Author Apocalypse”!


3 thoughts on ““The Author Apocalypse”

  1. So, from what you’ve said, you no longer have a contract with Permuted and are free to publish with Books of the Dead? Sounds like a good thing. At least you didn’t have to pony up the $2K.

      • Can you submit stuff you have self-published, as well? I would imagine Ain’t That America wouldn’t qualify for a Book of the Dead, but you have other stuff out there. Dead Man’s Hand, Deadtown Abbey, those should qualify, right? Good stuff, good stuff.

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