The Gentleman’s Business Has Scumbagified…

The more I learn about what has happened at Permuted Press, the more relieved I am that I have dissolved my contract with them. I was one of the overenthusiastic authors who had signed away ALL rights in perpetuity, without even consciously realizing what that meant.


2 thoughts on “The Gentleman’s Business Has Scumbagified…

  1. Okay. I read the whole thing, cut and all. Little Mary Sunshine, here, sees it as fortunate that you were able to dissolve the contract BEFORE all your stuff was on paper and you didn’t own any of it anymore. Harsh lesson, but this Taff fella has some suggestions for decent publishers, so perhaps your oeuvre will hit the stores after all. They say when something seems too good to be true, it generally is. A ten-book deal is, shall we say, unusual. You may have actually come out of this on the lucky side, because in the end, you still own your stuff. curtsies

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