5 Times When It’s OK To Say, “I’m a Nerd”

So true.

Thought Catalog

Augustino / (Shutterstock.com) Augustino / (Shutterstock.com)

With so many activities being labeled as “nerdy,” it’s important to step back and recognize the appropriate times to let everyone know that you’re a nerd. Here are some scenarios…

1. If someone asks you to lift something really, really heavy.

Just because my desk is hand-crafted adamantium with stalrihm inlay doesn’t mean I got it up here myself. I’m a nerd. I have way too much on my hands with algorithms and Harry Potter. Get a musclehead to lift that.

2. If someone asks you to run for just, like, no reason.

Look, nerds don’t have time to run. First of all, is someone chasing me? I’m going to use my hard-earned nerd money to hire someone to beat them up for me. If I’m late, I’m going to walk briskly and remind myself to leave 5.4 minutes earlier next time.

3. Right before…

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