What I write in my evil Lair of Mammon: Dating advice!

I write in a lot of different genres: Literary/Historical fantasy, thriller, humor, giant monsters eating people, etc.

But when it comes to putting gluten-free, pasture-fed, free-range bread on the table, I write for some very cool dating sites, of which WhatsYourPrice.com. I write emails and marketing material, but also (and more germane to my blog) fun blog entries!

This actually does have to do with writing and being a working writer. Everyone needs content. The Internet is, literally, nothing without content. So think of blogs you might like to write to expand your brand, show off your or friends’ books, or weigh in on publishing news. Your readers will come to rely on you, and there’s nothing better, especially when you can monetize this.

Anyway, here’s my new blog entry for WhatsYourPrice.com:

How to dodge impostors and date a man worth knowing


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