10 Crappy Things Modern Society Has Turned Into Social Norms

This is modern life. See Sturgeon’s Law.

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1. Confusing not having to justify our actions with being unable to justify our actions.

Don’t-have-to-explain-myself and can’t-explain-myself are entirely different concepts. Don’t-have-to is a defense mechanism for can’t. People do incredibly crappy things to each other and revel in the fact that technically there’s no explanation necessary. LIFE IS A ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY STORE, LET’S BREAK IN AND LOOT. We’re convinced that inconsiderate or irrational behavior shows some odd form of confidence, because you don’t worry about being well liked or clarifying your actions to others. Entirely too often, the simple fact is that we can’t justify the bad things that we’ve done. I get it, it’s great to free yourself from the chains of society’s judgment, but it’s also nice to be capable of validating your actions, at the very least, to yourself.

2. Replacing the phrase “Call an ambulance!” with “Are you recording this?

It’s incredible how many emergencies…

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6 thoughts on “10 Crappy Things Modern Society Has Turned Into Social Norms

  1. Here’s my question. Is there some legal reason why you don’t post the whole article, instead of the first few lines? Just curious. I find that if I have to go elsewhere to read the entire post, I … don’t bother. Whereas, if it were there in its entirety, I’d read it. Call me lazy all you want. That’s why I’m wondering about this “behind” the cut thing you’ve used in your last several posts.

    • Good question! It is ‘Net etiquette not to copy all the verbiage from another blog post, because then that site doesn’t get accurate info on how many people have viewed the content. This can negatively affect their numbers and cost them ad revenue and such. So reblogging this makes it more than a link and gives the reader the chance to read a bit and decide if it’s something they’re interested in reading.

      I know that extra click must be awfully tiring. <– irony

      • Now, you didn’t have to get snotty. Your explanation makes perfect sense. As one who does not blog, I would not be privy to all the intricacies of page views, etc. Seems like a courteous way to provide numbers to the originator of the post. I often hear bloggers rail against people who reblog without attribution, and I fully concur. You aren’t doing that, of course, but I wasn’t aware of the additional courtesy of referring back to the original to facilitate viewership numbers.

        However. That does not explain why you put your little story snippet behind a cut. It was, after all, your own blog. I decided TL/DR and didn’t click through to read the whole thing. If it had been there before me, I may have. But that’s just poor, poor, tired me.

      • Not snotty, just teasing. Sorry.

        Story snippet? Do you mean the Mexican Ninja thing? That’s because it was 17,000 words long and it would take up too much real estate on my blog. It would push the earlier entries out of sight permanently. Sorry, I didn’t realize what you were talking about. Now I do, and am a better man for it.

      • 17K, huh? Well, in that case, it’s just as well you gave a “snippet” and let me make up my own mind. The title put me off, so I wouldn’t have read it either way. But it really would have been TL/DR for a straight blog post. I may yet go back and read the rest of the 10 Crappy Things article. Thanks.

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