Which will arrive first: Jesus, the next Ice Age, or my Permuted Press books?

Oh, the sweet pain of irony. Ah, the sting of getting what you want but not in the way you had hoped to get it. Oy, the knowledge that your publisher undoubtedly knows much better than an author about release dates and such.

Yes, the release schedule for my Permuted Press novels has itself been released. And oh sweet baby Dagon, it is spread out over an excruciatingly long time. Have a look—it’s release date, title, and order in which the manuscript is due:

2/17/2015 Apocalypse Wow: Deadtown Abbey           1
10/27/2015 Reviva Las Vegas 1: Dead Man’s Hand           2
2/16/2016 Apocalypse Wow:
How To Train Your Dagon
6/21/2016 World War Cthulhu 1: The Fear           3
7/19/2016 World War Cthulhu 2: The Faith           6
8/16/2016 World War Cthulhu 3: The Fight           9
12/20/2016 Reviva Las Vegas 2:
Pawn of the Dead
2/7/2017 Apocalypse Wow: Dark Acres           7
12/19/2017 Reviva Las Vegas: Volume 3           8
7/2018 Exactly What Happened          10


“Hey, Amazon has a site for buyers in Purgatory!”

You can see that 2016 is going to be packed with Hoadey fiction goodness, but LORD that seems like a long time away. I do really like that they’ve grouped the three World War Cthulhu books (which will not be using that title) over one summer so that interested parties can read them one after another. Very cool.

Not quite as cool (although making total sense in the publishing world, so I’m good) is the year between Reviva Las Vegas 1, 2, and 3. But that is a very common way to release books in a series, and makes even more sense for Reviva Las Vegas, since the books will be loosely tied together as a series but World War Cthulhu is all one story.



The last of these books—Exactly What Happened, a standalone zombie story—won’t be out until July of 2018. Yes, four years from now. Of course, my schedule has me turning that one in at the end October 2016, so it’s not too insanely far away, but hell, I’m already frickin’ old as dirt, I want to LIVE to see all of these come out!

Alas and alack, that is how the business goes. I will be supplementing these novels with some bizarro work and maybe even other Lovecraftian books for other publishers. But all of that has to go on the back burner as I begin the first book of what we’re right now calling World War Cthulhu.


Baby steps, people! Also baby crying!

My publisher would like me to add the following caveat: These publication dates are subject to change. Humph.


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