Talented, knowledgeable friends ARE A PAIN IN THE ASS

All right, both of my readers may remember the post I had earlier today, with the new, allegedly better cover for Reviva Las Vegas! Book 1: Dead Man’s Hand, right? I showed how much better it was than the old one by putting them side by side, thusly:

RLVDMH front cover RLVDMH front cover
Old slapdash cover New, slightly less slapdash cover

Well, I have a friend, Deborah Dorchak of Blue Sun Studio, who commented that she liked the earlier one more. The new one, she said, looked “washed out.” And goddamn if she wasn’t right. That may come from her being a professional cover designer as well as a writer, so the opinion did carry some weight. (Although I disagreed with keeping the three different fonts on one cover, and I think the “a novel by” is needed to set off the author name from the rest of the mucho text. In the end, all of this will be discarded by Permuted Press anyway when they actually bring the book out.)

So let’s take a look at the old new cover and the new new cover:

newrevivacoverforadvancecopy newrevivacoverforadvancecopy
Old new cover New new cover

I must say I’m chuffed as cheese at this suggestion, and I agree it looks much nicer. (I also softened the smoke at her suggestion.)

Other pain-in-the-ass friends of mine (called “beta readers”) have also been a great help in noting inconsistencies and outright typos. Especially due for praise are Bunny Reynolds and the zombie writer (and fellow Permuted Press author) Charles Phipps. The book literally wouldn’t be the book I had intended without their help. And this is all before it goes through the Permuted editing phase! More pains in the ass! YAY! (But seriously, YAY for the help.)



6 thoughts on “Talented, knowledgeable friends ARE A PAIN IN THE ASS

  1. I agree about the cover design. And the great thing about beta-reading is I get to read the book before other people. Nice perk. I’ll gladly be a PITA if it helps the final product–especially since you’re free to accept or reject everything I say! 😎

  2. Yup, that’s me. Making the world a better place one cover at a time. 🙂

    Good job taking the suggestions and being such a good sport about the impromptu critique session (but you know me, I’ll tell you like it is…nicely as possible). The photo looks much better, bravo. And you also get a cookie for sticking your butt in a chair, embracing imperfection and putting it out there! No Garage Band Syndrome for you, my friend. Can’t wait to see what Permuted comes up with. For that matter, can’t wait to read your new book!

    Next week you should post your cover creation in the Around the Studio Show and Tell Tuesday thread.

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