New, nicer cover for advance print copy of Reviva Las Vegas!

This is the unofficial cover for Reviva Las Vegas! Book 1: Dead Man’s Hand — the book won’t be out until 2015, and then will have a nice and professional cover from the publisher, but it’s on the beta read copies I’m sending out and I thought I would share the joy. Here, have some joy!


For comparison, here’s the old, slapdash one I did just to have SOMETHING, ANYTHING; and the new slapdash one.

RLVDMH front cover newrevivacoverforadvancecopy



5 thoughts on “New, nicer cover for advance print copy of Reviva Las Vegas!

  1. PS: I’d also feather the edges on the mask around the new smoke, they’re still too sharp. Not everyone would notice (or probably care), but to me, I see it bordering on having that “cut out” thing going on.

  2. I have to say, I like the original version better. The font’s more interesting and leaving off the “a novel by” has a more professional feel. The background image on the new one looks too washed out and doesn’t fit with the clean lines in the font. Although the smoke on the second one is more ominous than on the original.

    • Yes, I agree with what you’re saying. Good points! I think there was too much text on the front to have my name by itself without being set off by the “a novel by.” (I usually don’t care for those.) But this is just a placeholder — not that it shouldn’t be as nice as possible, but I’ll let Permuted take care of it from here. Thanks for the comment, my dear!

      • Yeah, I realized your publisher would be doing the future cover after I re-read the post, but I can’t help myself! Info is never wasted, who knows when you’ll want to make your own cover again?

        One way you could solve that is by making the “Book One” line smaller. Then move everything down so that you have more space and see more of the star at the top. With that new space opened up at the top, you can put your name there.

        Right now all the text is of equal weight, so the sub title is competing with the main title, the eye doesn’t know what to look at first.

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