The beauty of astronomy: A galaxy group

There are few things more ethereal and fascinating than galaxies. As this post at Big Think rightly says, that means four (plus one) of them in a group is one of the most beautiful, compelling sights in the universe.

Think about this, gaze at it, and feel wonderfully, infinitesimally tiny. Why is it wonderful? Because, although we are specks of dust, we can take the fullness of the giant universe inside our minds.

Stephen’s Quintet


Stephen’s Quintet is the name of the first identified compact galaxy group. This remarkable image of it was captured with data from the Hubble Legacy Archive and the Subaru Telescope on Hawaii’s Mauna Kea.

NASA explains this “dance” of galaxies in Space:

The galaxies of the quintet are gathered near the center of the field, but really only four of the five are locked in a cosmic dance of repeated close encounters taking place some 300 million light-years away …


Check out the rest at


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