Would you like to be a beta reader for Reviva Las Vegas: Dead Man’s Hand?

Friends, I am looking for ten beta readers for the novel I just sent off to the publisher, Reviva Las Vegas! Book 1: Dead Man’s Hand. Here are the qualifications you must have (and I really appreciate it if you want to and don’t have the qualifications, but I need them for particular reasons):

1. You must have a Kindle, Nook, Kobo, or full-size tablet reader. This is because I need to get feedback on not only the book content but also on the e-reading experience. I will send you a .mobi file if you have a Kindle, an .epub if you have a Nook, either an .epub or .pdf if you have a Kobo, and a .pdf if you have a tablet. Please let me know what kind you have.

2. You can’t be a professional reviewer, because Permuted will be sending copies of the finished and edited/proofed book to you when it is ready for pro reviewers, and I wouldn’t want this to interfere with that.

3. Be willing to accept that any comments are fine, but different kinds need to be done a little differently. You can do something like “I loved it” without further explanation, but if it’s “I hated it,” please give me details why and if it’s something I could fix or if it’s just the whole damned thing you hated. But still say why, please. The most helpful comments would include good and bad, but very frequently I read books I enjoy so much I don’t think anything is “bad.” So that’s fine as well.

4. You must be willing to write a review when the book actually comes out. Not anything lengthy, just four or five stars (kidding, but not really) and your feelings on the book. So I would recommend that you make a computer file with your thoughts on it and save that for 2015 when the book comes out. If you don’t think you can or wouldn’t write a review, of course I understand, but I need that from my beta readers.

5. You must read it in the month of July and send me feedback at hoadewriter@gmail.com by August 2nd, if at all possible. I’m looking for readers who feel confident they would be able to do this.

6. You must enjoy books in the zombie and post-apocalypse genres.

That’s it! When the book actually is released, many friends will be receiving them, but this is for beta reading, which has its own requirements.

If you would like to be a beta reader for RLV:DMH, please send me an email at hoadewriter@gmail.com. I don’t want to miss anyone, so please don’t use Facebook posting or messaging to let me know you want to do it.

Onward, my friends!


4 thoughts on “Would you like to be a beta reader for Reviva Las Vegas: Dead Man’s Hand?

  1. Two readers SO FAR! Heh. Actually, you would have made a wonderful beta reader, but I know how much you dislike this genre, so it wouldn’t really work. Of course I shall be sending a copy to you and Hizzoner, however, so you’ll still have all that Hoadey goodness about.

    • Yeah, well, I could probably gag my way through it for grammar and such, but it wouldn’t really be a fair evaluation, cuz how would I know you had it accurate? (For that matter, though, how does ANYBODY know it’s accurate? You’re just guessing, amirite?) I know nothing of the post-apocalyptic universe, and don’t intend to ever find out. I’ll be gone in the first wave–by design, I might add. Who’d wanna survive that, is how I see it. That said, I really enjoyed the short story about the Texas hold-em player, so I’m not totally repulsed by the whole genre. I think what amuses me is the whole zombie fad. shakes head in wonderment Buuut, if you were creative about it and you wrote it in your usual deft and refreshing style, then what the heck. A story is a story, as long as it’s well-told. If your “other” reader isn’t coming through for you, I’d be willing to give it a shot. I think I meet the rest of the qualifications, and perhaps a review from a non-fanatic of this particular genre might be an interesting POV.


      • Very interesting! Permuted Press has their cadre of copy editors, so grammatical advice isn’t really needed. BUt the zombie fad remains popular because zombies reflect society’s fears in the guise of entertainment! (I’m not including that garbage heap of a show The Walking Dead, which has no reason to exist.) I would be most happy to have you as a beta reader on content and flow! Really the book has more to do with post-apocalyptic life than with zombies per se. The zombies are there as a constant threat, but the story is about a gambler and his return to Las Vegas eight years after the zombocalypse. I’d very much appreciate your insight! You guys have the iPads, right? So I will send you the PDF version. Thanks so much, my dear.


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