My progress tracker for the first (and a half) draft of Reviva Las Vegas!

The first draft of Reviva Las Vegas! Book 1: Dead Man’s Hand is done! Actually, it’s kind of a first-and-a-half draft since I’ve been doing the NaNo no-no of reworking and (thanks to the Spousal Unit helping) editing in fallow periods of writing. But this ain’t NaNoWriMo, so whatevah, I do whut I want!

I do love NaNo tools of all kinds and will be using them for next month’s Camp NaNoWriMo, in which I will be writing a 30,000-word “bizarro” novel for a publisher who I really, really hope really, really likes it. The one tool I especially like (TWSS) is the “Word Tracker,” which is an Excel spreadsheet (but compatible with Google Docs and other such suites). They don’t have one I could find for 2014, but it’s trivial to customize the cool ones for 2013 for your 30-day novel project like, say, Camp NaNo in July.

Anyway, since Dead Man’s Hand was not a NaNo project, I felt free to take more time to write my novel since it was actually going to a publisher who had bought it and all. The draft took 42 days of writing, but that was spread out over two and a half months or so. (And it was 70,000 words, not 50,000 or fewer like most NaNo projects.)

I thought you all might find it interesting or even useful to see my finished Word Tracker spreadsheet. The image below is just the pertinent numbers, but this Excel spreadsheet also has all my annotations (made at the end, so I could have insight on my own process from the end point. Also, it explains the why and wherefores of my writing schedule idiosyncrasies. You can get it right at this here link.

But here is my final Word Tracker for the draft of Dead Man’s Hand:



They say nothing attracts the muse more than a writer on a regular schedule, and although my schedule wasn’t totally regular, it sure seemed to work for me this time. Remember, for insight into why things are highlighted or why days seem to be skipped, check out the annotated Excel file here.

Any thoughts? Has anyone out there tried this?