Blog whining. I admit it.

I was looking at my blog view breakdown here at WordPress, and it was so motivating that I wrote a song about it. It should be sung to the tune of that Bob Dylan chestnut “Blowin’ In The Wind”:

♫ How many posts must a writer put up
Before someone subscribes to his blog?
How little interest must a blogger accept
And not feel like a bump on a log?
Yes, and what’s it feel like to go unread
Before it all turns into a slog?

The answer, my friend, is like pissin’ in the wind
It’s just like I’m pissin’ in the wind. ♫


Sometimes it makes me wonder why I even bought this thing.

Anyway, back to my noveling! I’m just a few thousand words from the end of this draft.

It’s a hard-knock life, I tell ya.