New k̶i̶c̶k̶b̶a̶c̶k̶s̶ rewards for supporting my 9-novel Patreon campaign!

Hi! Remember me, your friendly neighborhood Writer-Man?


It’s a sedentary job, I admit.

After some time of soul-searching and also coin-between-the-couch-cushions searching, both of which came up empty, I bit the bullet this week and stopped begging my friends and other alleged innocents for support for my Patreon project, which is a way of funding the writing of these 9 remaining novels on my 10-novel contract. In fact, here’s me talking about it in my awesome “Lord C. Thulhu” gray top hat:

Convincing, no? Yes? I’m confused. But anyway, I have changed the milestone rewards to something actually to do with, y’know, the books. (I have kept the $1,500 one as getting a tattoo of whatever non-National-Socialist image my supporters choose.) Have a look at them below, won’t you?

$250 per novel

If we get to a total of $250 in pledges for each book, I will release Chapter One of Dead Man’s Hand (due out in 2015) immediately just to my supporters!

$500 per novel

If we get to a total of $500 in pledges for each book, I will release Chapter Two of Dead Man’s Hand immediately just to my supporters!

$750 per novel

If we get to a total of $750 in pledges for each book, I will immediately release (to my supporters) Chapter Three of Dead Man’s Hand plus the Prologue and Chapter One of my first novel in the World War Cthu series: The Fear. (This will be a year before the book is to be released in mid-2015.)

$1,000 per novel

If I get to a total of $1,000 in pledges for each book, I will donate to a library or literacy program or nursing home or other reading-based public entity of my supporters’ choosing copies of every one of my books — the three for Reviva Las Vegas!, the three for World War Cthu, the three for Apocalypse WOW, the standalone zombie novel Exactly What Happened, and all three of my earlier books: the thriller Ain’t That America, the literary historical novel Darwin’s Dreams, and the short story collection Inappropriate Behavior.


“Dafuq is this? Where’s my ‘Humor In Uniform’?”

$1,500 per novel

What I’ll do at this ultimate milestone is ask each supporter (who wants to play) to send me a picture of ANY image (except swastikas and such) that they would like me to get. It will be about 2″ x 2″ and will be either on my upper arm or on one of my shoulder blades. Once I have all of the submissions, I’ll compile them all into one message and ask everybody to vote for one. Whichever image wins, I will get that tattoo. (If there is a tie, I will hold a runoff.) This is serious! I really appreciate your support!


Just look at that level of seriousness.

Each supporter just chips in $25 or $50, and that adds to the total so these awesome premiums are released. And as soon as I get to one more supporter at any level, I will post Part 2 of “Why You Need Conflict In Your Fiction.” It’s worth it!



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