Think about The End of All Things.

One by one, all of these will come to be true on planet Earth. The exact time is unknown, but the fact is inescapable.

There will be a last song ever played on the radio.

There will be a last sentence ever spoken on radio.

There will be a last image displayed on the last working televisions.

Photo: Just got a message from a friend that said: "sean i support you 100%. I have several writers in my family, i get it. But this begging for people to support you so you can write is going overboard...what happened to your funny and humble posts? bums me out." 

Taking this excellent opinion to heart, I now return you to regularly scheduled intellectually enriching, morally upstanding HoadeTV programming, "Monkey Squad 2: Muthafuckkas Go Apeshit"

It will probably be this.

The music of every culture that existed previous to the invention of musical notation has been completely, irretrievably lost.

There is a book in the solution space of the Library of Babel that explains, in detail, your death. This book includes a 100-page analysis of your last words, your last thoughts, your last impressions of the only life you had.

Every moment the planet Earth is spinning more slowly than the moment before. Days used to be 18 hours long. One day this far into the future days will be 36 hours long, and our species will have adapted or died out by then.

There was a first joke ever told in the first proto-language that developed among humans. There will be a last joke told on planet Earth.

Do we know what it will be? Frayed not.

In your own personal lifetime, there will be a last meal, a last conversation, a last sexual encounter, a last cruel remark made, a last cruel remark heard, a last hope, a last disappointment.

Every instant the Moon is further from the Earth than it has ever been.

If subjectivity worked like objectivity, then magic would be science.

If you take any metaphysical concept as completely true, you will take no joy in any moment because of what awaits us all.

You’re welcome.




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